"River Styx"

Adam Larson - Tenor Sax
Pascal Le Boeuf - Piano/Rhodes
Nils Weinhold - Guitars
Linda Oh - Bass
Bastian Weinhold - Drums

After appearing on numerous international CD and DVD recordings as a sideman/ band member, 'River Styx', Bastian's debut CD as a band leader was recorded on
a one day recording session on March 6th 2010 in Brooklyn, NY, on FRAME Music.

"River Styx" reflects emotions, thoughts and experiences I had in the last two years. While I composed the music I discovered, that I looked at the music in a way of little bits that started to move and fly slowly or sometimes faster through space.These bits sometimes crash but instead of breaking into even smaller bits, they stick together. After a while I realized that all these bits, that got stuck together created a moving, constantly changing sequence. After the first rehearsal for "River Styx" I was suprised to see that every time the music began, different little bits crashed and different bits got stuck together. Of course they formed another moving sequence, another picture frame and created a whole new story. On this CD you will listen to the most exciting stories which the music told us on March 6th 2010.