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Selected CD recordings with Bastian:

Bastian Weinhold-"Cityscape",2014 (FRAME Music

Bastian Weinhold-“River Styx",2010 (FRAME Music)

Dave Juarez Group-“Round Red light",2011 (Politone Music)

Dave Juarez Group-“RNP",2008 (IanMusic)

Till Bennewitz-“Till" ,2012 (Universal Music Project/ Lowfish Records NYC)

Jonas Ganzemuller Quintet-“Midnight Runner",2011 (GMusic)

The Manhattan Experiment-“Strange Vibes",2011 (MSP Records)

Nils Weinhold Quintet-“Shapes",2011 (FRAME Music)

Oasis Jazz Worldwide-“Volume 7",2010 (OasisJazz)

Oasis Jazz Worldwide-“Volume 6",2011 (OasisJazz)

Endangered Species-“Endangered Species",2008 (CvA Lex Records)

Sean Fasciani,Yaniv Nachum,Franz von Chossy-“Live At The Bimhuis",2007 (BiH

Alexandra Bardje-“Into The Light",2008 (Paul Music)

Nanca Muck-“The Nanca Muck Project",2008 (Muck Music)

Pal Nyberg-“Introducing Pal “,2008 (Alexʼ Records)

Dennis Sekretarev Quintet-“Traveler",2007 (AmDamn Records)

The Soo Cho Project-"Live At The Blue Note Amsterdam",2008 (CvA Lex Records)

Phillip Braemswig Trio-“Entree",2009 (Indie Records)

Sean Winters-“The Sean Winters Project/Together Forever",2009 (CvA Lex Records)

Keep An Eye Jazz Award-“Finals-Live!",2008 (KAE Music)

....and many others...